“...by far one of the best classes I've taken!”

The workshop Rachel hosted in Austin was by far one of the best classes I've taken! The class was buzzing with excitement as students arrived as everyone ooo-ed and ahh-ed over all the beautiful fibers and yarn she provided for everyone. Her instruction was easy to follow and she taught several different weaving techniques for everyone to create their very own weaving! It was truly a delight learning from someone as creative, knowledgeable and fun like Rachel!

— Pei Sim, Owner of Paper + Craft Pantry, Austin

“I would definitely recommend her workshops!”

I took the intermediate class in Dallas and WOW was it amazing! Not only is Rachel a wonderful teacher but it's so wonderful to be in a room with other creative's! It was great to get hands on lessons from someone who knows so much! I left feeling totally inspired and ready to take my weaving to the next level!  If you have been curious about weaving I would definitely recommend her workshops!

— Heather R., Intermediate Weaving Workshop, Dallas

As an experienced knitter/crocheter/sewer, I've seen my fair share of DIY-craft-intro level books, which can often be vague, confusing, and poorly illustrated. This is by far one of the best I've ever read, especially as a complete noob to this craft. The instructions are in-depth and easy to follow, the photography is beautiful, I like the variety of the projects, and the glossary explains all the terms well. I feel like this will be the only weaving book I need!.

— Kenzie W., Amazon review of DIY Woven Art


“We learned several techniques that I had not seen anywhere else....”

I attended your intermediate weaving workshop in Dallas. The workshop was held in a beautiful, bright, light space which really highlighted our weavings. We learned several techniques that I had not seen anywhere else and you were such a relaxed teacher and you were happy to show us how to do things as many times as we needed it. One thing that I especially loved was that while you were the teacher, you were by no means the "expert" and you loved encouraging our creative freedom! It felt like I was just hanging out and weaving with a bunch of friends! 

In addition to your workshop, I bought your acrylic shibori dye shapes this summer from your website and you shipped them so quickly and they were really great quality! My friends and I loved using them to dye bandanas at my birthday party.

— Raychel Yearsley, Intermediate Weaving Workshop, Dallas.

I absolutely love your e-course so so much! What an absolute steal! Your weaving is absolutely gorgeous and my jaw was dropping wide open at all the amazing skills and techniques you share! Can’t believe you even give a list of resources of where to buy yarn! So incredibly helpful for me! I’ve been crocheting for years and have stuck with yarns I can find at Joann’s and Michael’s, but I knew that weavings needed a higher quality yarn and was so lost on where to get started. Gah I’m just so excited to get into weaving and am so grateful I found your class. You’re the best! Thank you for creating something so amazing for us beginners!
— Megan Aldred, Woven: First Steps

"No filler here."

Best book on frame loom weaving out there. Comprehensive instructions on how to build your own looms, including an oversized floor loom for bigger projects. Speaking of projects, each and every one of the projects in this book is gorgeous. No filler here. Just wow. I hope to see more from this author in the future.

- Annie Roso, Amazon review of DIY Woven Art


I could have checked tutorials online or on Pinterest but this book is way more helpful as it gives a broad perspective on woven art but also gives you the secrets of choosing the right patterns, colours, tools. Very detailed, yet super understandable. I am about to start my new project!

-Celine, Amazon review of DIY Woven Art